CEAE Partnering With Canopy

CEAE is immensely proud to announce that we are partnering with Canopy on their Pack4Good sustainable packaging initiative. This project is one that aligns very closely with our mission to be a leading voice in the promotion and implementation of the circular economy, and our values of sustainability and waste-free living. The partnership is a natural coming together of the CEAE and Canopy ethos and aspirations, and it is intended to bring about the revolutionary changes that are needed in the way that we pack goods.


The Canopy Pack4Good initiative is about encouraging leaders from across the full spectrum of industries to think outside the box – literally. Every year around three billion trees are cut down to feed the worldwide appetite for packaging of all kinds: from takeaway boxes to online retailer shipping products. That is an area the approximate size of Germany – if the trees were stacked end to end they would encircle the globe 891 times.

The impact that this annihilation of natural resources has on the planet and our future as a society cannot be underestimated. It is long past time that we got together and took serious action to implement sustainable packaging materials, and made sure that flourishing ecosystems are not turned into fields of discarded paper and cardboard.

Pack4Good was launched in October of 2019 and has attracted partners from the worlds of fashion, personal care and telecommunications, with more interest every day. There are currently over 320 brand partners with total annual revenues exceeding $168 billion.

Agents of change

At the CEAE we have long been proponents of the idea that it is not enough simply to encourage consumers to recycle – there needs to be a sea change in the way we access and use natural resources at all levels of the economy: manufacturers, suppliers, transport, retail and consumer alike. Our 100% Tree-Free recycled cotton paper from post manufacturing and post-consumer textile waste is a perfect example.

Canopy is of the same mind, providing the tools and support that the supply chain needs to make meaningful changes to the way they do things. This includes reusing the resources that we have already taken from the ecosystem, as well as introducing packaging products that are manufactured from alternative materials. Where there is still a reliance on newly sourced natural resources, Canopy partners are encouraged to find suppliers with high environmental credentials – like FSC & GRS certification programs.

About Canopy

Canopy is an environmentally-focused not for profit that works alongside hundreds of companies worldwide to reduce the impact that we as a society have on ancient and endangered forestry. You can find out more about Canopy at www.canopyplanet.org.

About CEAE

At CEAE, we are dedicated to improving the sustainability of the fashion and apparel industry, and moving toward a waste-free world. Everything that we do is built around the idea that we should have as little impact as possible on the natural ecosystem, whether that’s from where we source our materials, to how we run our facility and ship our goods.